Dubai Desert Safari
I’m Hamza Salim – a twenty-six-year-old with a degree in Computer Science from Brunel University, West London. But do not take me as a nerd, lol. I’m a hodophile; I love traveling. Seriously, I eat, breathe, and sleep travel.
I live in Manchester, United Kingdom, but this place isn’t where all my dreams lie. I am a UAE blogger and love to capture little moments of life.
I work full-time, and when I’m not on computer coding, I love writing travel blogs. When I am not out there exploring the world, I like to take a swim, go for a hike, or play badminton. What was once my hobby became my drive for life; I found a little piece of me in traveling, and ever since I got on the road, I have not looked back.
I love experimenting with my taste buds too; I really enjoy going out and trying Italian, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern food. This diversity in my palate is only a small nod toward my romance for culture and traditions–far deeper beyond my ardor for traveling lies the eagerness to learn about the world and its people. I have only just started; my appetite for touring new places is only getting bigger. I hope to inspire, excite, and move others forward with what I can only describe as – fulfilled living.
I’m here to share all my fun adventures and more with you! Hope you’ll enjoy reading my blogs. Stay tuned 😉