So, you’re traveling to Dubai and need to know which hotel is the best for you. We get it, Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations, and even if you’re going at a time when you think there won’t be much crowd, you’ll find the city jam-packed. After all, who’s going to deny the breath-taking beauty of Dubai? The city is known for its glamour, its cuisine, and of course, its world-famous skyscrapers.
Finding a good hotel isn’t hard when you’re in Dubai, but when you’re in a city that’s populated by tourists, finding a hotel that matches everything that you’re looking for can be challenging, if not impossible. And for most tourists, this challenge means looking for a hotel that’s inexpensive but luxurious. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel that won’t put a strain on your wallet but will treat you like royalty, you need not look further because we’re presenting you a list of the top 12 budget hotels in Dubai:

1. Zabeel House, Jumeirah, The Greens

Zabeel House_ Jumeirah_The Greens

At a glance, this 4-star hotel doesn’t strike as a budget hotel. The Zabeel House is located in the heart of Dubai and gives guests a taste of heaven. At a glance, this stylish hotel strikes as a place that would be expensive, but guests are always pleasantly surprised to know that in spite of offering a royal experience, the Zabeel House is pocket-friendly.
Entering the hotel, guests are welcomed by the staff at the massive reception desk. An easy check-in process saves the hassle of having to wait for hours while the hotel sorts you out. Here, at the Zabeel House, it’s a matter of minutes. The hotel offers rooms and suites that take inspiration from New York lofts and are decorated with contemporary but comfortable furniture. World-class amenities and facilities, including a wellness center, which is known to hold Dubai’s first organic spa. Guests staying at the Zabeel House are even granted access to Jumeirah’s private beach.

2. Rove Downtown

You hear about Rove Hotels, and you think about luxury, prestige, and expense. Well, you’re half right. Rove Downtown by Rove Hotels is as luxurious and prestigious as its popularity, but it’s surprisingly easy on your wallet. Rove Downtown is located quite close to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, which makes it an ideal hotel for tourists who want to explore the best of Dubai without triggering their jet lag. Offering exquisite rooms and suites perfect for every guest, Rove Downtown Hotel is a league above its own, but there’s much more to see. Rove Downtown offers sustainable amenities, and among its many facilities, guests will find a convenience store, a 24-hour gym, a 24-hour laundromat, and an outdoor pool. For friends and families who want to spend time together, Rove Downtown offers interconnecting rooms too. What you’ll really like about the hotel is its entertainment; Rove is a proud owner of the Gaming Cove, the Middle East’s first gaming rooms. If you’re coming with angsty teens and hyperactive kids, the Rove hotel is the perfect place to stay. Plus, it offers a mouth-watering breakfast too!

3. Ecos Dubai Hotel, Al Furjan

This three-star hotel is in Al Furjan, in the Jebel Ali Village, and looks like a luxurious adventure waiting to happen. Ecos Dubai Hotel accommodates all guests with the leisure that they’ll never forget. At Ecos Dubai Hotel, you’ll find stunning and cozy rooms, a contemporary patio and sun deck to lounge in, and a service that makes even some 5-star hotels pale in comparison. A night’s stay at this luxurious hotel starts at only AED 135, and guests who are lucky enough to stay here are treated to exceptional service and first-class facilities. The Ecos Dubai Hotel is a favorite among guests for Coffea, a one-of-its-kind coffee bar where guests can ward away their stress and soak in the beautiful ambiance. Palettes, an Ecos Dubai Hotel’s signature restaurant, offers delicious cuisine that’s served throughout the day.

4. Lotus Grand Hotel Dubai

Normally, guests settle for a five-star hotel because they think they won’t be able to find excellent service elsewhere. Well, change that thought because, at the Lotus Grand Hotel Dubai, guests are treated to a lovely stay, and that too for a price as low as AED 120! The hotel has a swimming pool where tired guests can take a refreshing swim. An on-site bar helps guests liven up, and when guests want to skip the bar and stay in, they can make a steaming cup of coffee in their rooms. The rooms are comfortable but extremely lush, so you’ll feel like you’re in a 
royal palace when you sleep. If you’ve been saving up so you can visit Dubai, this is your chance; book your room at the Lotus Grand Hotel Dubai now.

5. Bohemian Backpackers

Bohemian Backpackers

For youngsters who feel a hotel is too chic but still want the luxury of one, the ideal place to stay is Bohemian Backpackers, which offers guests the comfort of a home within the walls of a roomy and opulent hostel. The hostel is ideal for students and young couples who are visiting abroad for the first time since it’s conveniently close to most tourist points in Jumeirah. Guests can enjoy this beachfront hostel and avail facilities like free parking, laundry, 24-hour front desk service, and complimentary WiFi. The hotel is also located quite close to many restaurants, so you’ll always have delectable dining options. And when you look at this hostel, you’ll barely believe it isn’t a hotel; a pristine and highly hygienic environment makes it ideal.

6. Lotus Retreat Hotel

Lotus Retreat Hotel

If you want a hotel that shows you the spirit of Dubai, seek nowhere but the Lotus Retreat Hotel, where guests can enjoy a relaxing stay and explore Dubai conveniently. The hotel is situated in the heart of Dubai and is within walking distance from the Dubai Metro, so if you’re looking for a place where you won’t have to hail too many cabs, this is the one. The Lotus Retreat Hotel offers private parking, internet services, and a fitness center, but guests love its clean and luxurious rooms the most. The hotel has its own on-site restaurant where guests can taste mouth-watering dishes. It’s cozy, luxurious, and affordable; what more could you want?

7. Citymax Hotel

Citymax Hotel

Looking at the Citymax Hotel, you can’t help but wonder how this amazing place is so affordable. But that’s the magic behind this 3-star hotel; offering luxurious amenities and magnificent facilities, Citymax Hotel in Dubai is quickly becoming a tourist favorite. A luxurious setup that suits kings and queens, Citymax Hotel offers a gymnasium and a rooftop swimming pool. The rooms are adorned in contemporary furniture and thick, soft bedding and come with basic amenities. Staying at Citymax, guests can enjoy nearby attractions, which include Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, and the Dubai Mall.

8. Leva Hotel, Mezaya Center

Leva Hotel

The Leva Hotel may be new, but it’s surely treating guests with the care that some of the oldest hotels can’t manage. Leva Hotel offers a refreshing break from the monotonous routines of life; your staycation or vacation in Dubai becomes a magical experience when you’re staying at Leva Hotel. The 4-star Leva Hotel is located close to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, making it easier for tourists to get around. All rooms and suites have their own kitchenette, but guests are welcome to feast at its all-day dining bakery. A business hub is available for guests who are here for work, and a Deluxe European Spa and fitness center are for those who want to get rid of all their stress.

9. Sonder Downtown Towers

Sonder Downtown

If you’re tired of staying at hotels that get too crowded for you, you and your roomie are welcome to stay at Sonder Downtown Towers, an affordable condominium complex where guests can book condos to spend their time in Dubai. The hotel offers deluxe apartments equipped with all basic facilities, including a kitchen, washing machine, and swimming pools. The hotel has an onsite fitness center for guests who want to keep up with their fitness while in Dubai. While the hotel is quite close to Dubai’s major attractions, it is best known for its panoramic view of the Persian Gulf, which also includes the world’s tallest building.

10. Dubai Palm Hotel

For families and large groups who want to settle in a family-friendly setting but don’t want to get stuck with expensive hotel prices, the best place is the Dubai Palm Hotel, a place that’s extremely inexpensive and equally comfortable. The Dubai Palm Hotel offers standard amenities, including air-conditioned bedrooms with flat-screen TVs and separate smoking rooms.

11. FORM Hotel

A member of Design Hotels in Dubai, FORM Hotel is one excellent way to make your visit memorable at an extremely affordable price. FORM Hotel may not strike you as a place that’s budget-friendly, but that’s where you’re wrong; the hotel offers brilliant amenities and world-class facilities for a very humble price. FORM Hotel has its own onsite cafe, the Long Hill Brasserie, and guests are invited to its rooftop to watch the romantic sunset. An onsite gym and an Olympic swimming pool invite guests to relax or catch up on their fitness. Amazingly, the hotel even offers currency exchange points!

12. Aloft Hotel at the Dubai Creek

Last but not least, the Aloft Dubai Creek Hotel is one of the few inexpensive hotels in Dubai Creek. With a breath-taking view of the Creek, Aloft Hotel is a sight to behold. But wait till you hear about its luxurious amenities. A swimming pool, bars, and five onsite restaurants introduce luxury and comfort to guests, who love the calming shores across their luxurious bedrooms. The hotel has its own ATM and currency exchange point and has access to the airport shuttle too.

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