Deep Dive Dubai
Jul 20, 2021

Deep Dive Dubai

World’s Deepest Pool Opens in Dubai
Dubai has done it again! If we ask you to count Dubai’s world records, you would probably be counting the world’s fastest roller coaster, highest infinity pool, highest building, and the world’s largest indoor flight chamber. But before you finish, add another one to the list! Dubai has now announced the opening of the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving!
This immensely deep diving pool is known as the Deep Dive and is located in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai.
What Makes the Deep Dive Dubai So Special?
The Deep Dive Dubai is 60.02 meters or 196 ft 10 inches and was completed on June 27, 2021. Now, being the deepest indoor diving pool is a big enough achievement, but if you really want to be swept off your feet, this Deep Dive is not just your average diving experience. 
Exploring Dubai’s Atlantis: Firstly, this Deep Dive is basically Atlantis. Yes! The Deep Dive explores a huge sunken city where you get to tour beautiful city settings like apartments, benches, streetlights, and even vehicles! The best thing is that the city is set in a post-apocalypse, so it’s as eerie and fun as it looks!
It’s Cleaner and Safer: Dubai’s Deep Dive is cleaner and safer than your average diving pools; it is filtered every six hours for hygiene which is impressive considering this pool holds 3.7 million gallons of fresh water! It’s also staffed with a hyperbaric chamber, so if there’s even a hint of an accident, you’re immediately treated!
The Temperature Is Just Right: Normally, diving could be uncomfortable because of temperature changes, but with Dubai’s Deep Dive, the water is maintained at 86F or 30C, making it perfect for diving. This is also why you won’t be required to wear thick and uncomfortable diving suits; your swimsuit will be light, breezy, and so good it will make Goldilocks jealous!
Surreal Experiences: As if diving in the deepest pool wasn’t enough, Deep Dive stuns you with its observation experience; an option to watch your friends and family dive from the drylands, perfect for those who have aquatic phobias or just want to cheer on their friends!
How Can I Register For It?
  1. Visiting the website
  2. Go to “Book Now”
  3. Choose your favourite “experience”.
  4. Go to “Book Now”.
  5. Select you “Dates”.
  6. Complete the “Form”.
  7. Add “Participant”.
  8. Agree to “Terms & Condition”.
  9. Make a “Payment”.
This way, whenever tickets are available, you will be among the first to be informed, and you won’t have to queue!
How Much Will it Cost?
Currently, the pool is open for invitees only, making it a strong seller. The prices are expected to start from AED 400 and will vary according to the activities.
Is Training Available?
Luckily for you, yes! The Deep Dive offers three main courses, ranging from just learning to ride solo through the waters, and they have a team of licensed professionals waiting to train you. You can even learn some diving tricks!
Deep Dive Dubai is bound to be the hottest and famous place on the planet, so if you really want to take a chance at exploring an underwater apocalypse, sign up for notifications now!

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